Welcome to the grant application page for the Private Property Adaptation program! Please review the Guidelines below. Click "apply" to register and begin the process.

Welcome to the application page for the Private Property Adaptation (PPA) Program!

You will need the following documentation in order to be able to submit an application. The application process will outline what documentation is acceptable and how to obtain it.

  1. Property Elevation Certificate
  2. Proof of identity
  3. Year of Property Construction
  4. Proof of Flood Insurance
  5. Income Information (Required for Low-To-Moderate Income Applicants)
  6. Historic Designation (If Applicable)
  7. Corporate Resolution by Condo Association Authorizing Application Submission (If Applicable)
  8. Proof of Incorporation and in Good Standing (If Applicable)

The application will automatically close on Aug 19 at 5pm.

For more information, please visit mbrisingabove.com/ppa.

For any questions, please contact MBRisingAbove@miamibeachfl.gov.